strangest dream I can remember

The whole thing felt like a nightmare.

I was happy in an empty room with endless space. My husband and Dad-in-law were sitting on a red couch with Donavin (dead still) wrapped up in the receiving blanket (the one I sleep with) laying between them.  I was standing in front of them and Addy was somewhere. I felt like she was there but I don’t remember seeing her. I felt as if a lot of time had gone by since his Death. All the sudden I saw his arm move. I was the only one to notice it. I thought I was just losing it. You know, one of those people who want it so badly to be true they start imagining it? So I didn’t say anything. Then he moved again, a lot. He was squirming and making noises. Everyone else stopped and looked. I picked him up as quickly as I could and just held him. Then I held him out to look at him and his eyes were open. They were disturbing. Cross eyed and lifeless. Almost like one of the googly eyes you use in craft projects, but real eyes. I was so happy still in my dream, my son was alive but it felt wrong. Spiritually it felt wrong. I went to hand him to my husband and I woke up. Heart pounding, sweating…the whole waking up with a nightmare feeling. It was sooo strange.

I just had to share it.



2 responses to “strangest dream I can remember

  1. I hope you don’t mind me leaving a comment on this. And if I’m stepping out of my bounds, I’m sorry.

    Maybe it didn’t feel right because it wasn’t. I don’t know how hard you are having it right not, but my sister lost her daughter and I have watched her and her husband mourn. With my sister she wishes her little girl could be here but she knows Grace wasn’t meant for this world. Maybe that’s what your dreaming is trying to tell you.

  2. Thanks Krista. I agree. I know he wasn’t meant for this world. I also know the loss is mine not his. 🙂 Thanks for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated!

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