Just a quick note

I feel like I just insulted my support team 🙂 I hope those of you that love and know me, know I am not referring to you when I have doubts about the “safety” of the internet and blogging. I can’t express how much all your love and encouragement has meant to me. I think the difference in journal writing and blogging is the sense of being heard. I feel like those of you who have truly cared for me and encouraged me through this journey are my support team. For that I thank you.


One response to “Just a quick note

  1. Oh wow…I just finished reading several entries…

    I can relate to how you feel about sharing feelings and whether it feels safe or not, though I don’t assume to truly know how you feel, as I’ve never experienced what you have. My daughter was born with a fatal disease and there’s a grief cycle that I go through over and over and over…and it’s hard to know what to share and what not to share with other people. The feelings are so tender, personal, precious, and sensitive to ever have anyone judge or tell you how you should or shouldn’t feel. It can easily feel unsafe.

    I saw your post on Andaluz and just came and read through many of your posts and…ahhh! My heart just breaks and breaks. I was surprised it’s been four months! I remember your initial birth story (and crying and crying for you). From what you write, it sounds like you dealing with this in an incredibly healthy way. I can’t imagine many things more difficult than loosing your child. Thank you for sharing your thoughts & feelings. I know you are doing it to help you work through your pain, but it influences all those who read it and gives us a peek into the wonderful soul that you and your family are.

    Your precious little boy has touched so many lives. I know I will always be touched & will always remember him and your family.

    All our love, prayers, & tears…

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