Another loss…trust in people.

Don’t understand why people feel the need to make complaints to people about events that go on in my life? I would love to ask them but apparently they don’t feel comfortable enough to talk to me about it. Which brings the question if you are not comfortable enough to come to me about such things why are you even involving yourself in the first place? I am beginning to think I trust to easily, I shared my story w/ all of you because I trusted that you would read it with an open mind and it would give you the opportunity to ask questions if needed. Not pass harsh judgements.It truly saddens me.


3 responses to “Another loss…trust in people.

  1. It is too bad that people are two faced. It’s one thing to have an opinion, but really you never asked anyone for the opinion in the matter. You just passed on what you had just been through. It may be time for you to cut off people that hurt you. You have no room in your life for hurt, you have enough.

    A friend is someone who suports you through every thing, whether they agree or not. With that said, they also, do not talk behind your back about it either.

    You are amazing person Kristina, and you and your family have been through a very tragic experience in life. I don’t know how you make it through the day to day and be an amazing wife, mother, daughter and friend.

    Don’t let a trash talker get you down sweetie! Clearly someone envious of the person you are.
    Love you!

  2. So sorry to hear – can’t understand why anyone could think he/she is in any position to pass judgement – how can someone who has not walked in another’s shoes add more pain to one who is already walking thru deep grief. Makes me disappointed in the human race. Kristina, keep resting in the promise of the one who loves you beyond measure, the one whose arms are carrying you thru these days.

  3. I just wanted to respond to this and say that I am so sorry you are dealing with people heaping their judgement on you in an already horribly difficult situation! I read your story when you posted it on the Andaluz list, and it just broke my heart. I know that we all do the best we can to make sure our kids/babies are healthy and safe, and even though sometimes our efforts aren’t enough, that doesn’t mean it’s our fault. It’s just part of the imperfect world that we live in. And I believe that many times when babies or children die, it’s really because it was part of God’s plan, and it would have happened regardless of our decisions. I hope you are finding peace and know that there are many people out there who are not sending you judgement, but prayers.

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