My Dearest Donavin~

Hello My Son,

It’s Mommy. It’s been almost 2 months since I held you in my arms.  I miss you deeply. Things here haven’t slowed down much. Even though we didn’t have you with us for long it is still a challenge to get used to life without you. Your Daddy, Sissy, and I all sleep with one of your blankeys. It’s silly but its our way of keeping a part of you with us. Your brief lifetime in this world set many wonderful things into motion. So many people have been touched in some way or another because of you. I only hope that I can have that same effect in my entire life time.

Your Daddy and I are much closer to God and each other. Your big sister was telling me all about her friend God. She tells me and Daddy she wants to go to heaven to see you and great grandpa.  I have been talking to Jesus a lot more too. I can already see the change in my life because of it. It’s amazing.  Building a relationship with the Lord is making Mommy so happy. I have realized that I need to embrace life, not just live it. God gave Mommy life for a reason and while I may not know what that reason is yet I know if I commit my life to Him, I will one day understand. I will do my best to make the best of what I am handed and be grateful for it. How great is God that he would bring SOOO much good out of something so traumatic! I just have to be willing to see it. The more I open my eyes and heart the more wonders I see.

You see so much more than I, my precious Son. It is you who will have to teach me someday. I look forward to our embrace. I look forward to having our family whole again! Until that day come though, I will make sure your memory lives on. Thank you my Donavin for the gifts your life has given me. Thank you Lord, for using my Son’s death to do so much good.  Thank you Father for ALL you have given me and my family. Thank you for letting me see your Greatness. 

I love you both deeply.


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