feeling a little….idk???

My dear Son has been on my mind all day. I am missing him like crazy today. I look at other little boys and I cant help but wonder what he would be like. What he would look like at this point. His smile…I always wonder what his smile would look like.  My heart ACHES for my son every time I look at another litttle boy or baby. I cant stand it. How long am I really going to feel like bursting into to tears when I watch a toddler play or a baby cry?? GOD I MISS HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I selfishly want nothing more then to hold him again!  I dont know what to say. Life has been hard with out him.  If it werent for God holding me together I would fall to pieces because even with all the emptiness I feel without him…I know he is in better hands than my own. Even though I can’t see his smile, he smiles. Even though I can’t hear his laugh, he laughs. Even though I can’t tell him I love him, he knows because God has told him. I really don’t know how someone could get through this without God. Thank  you Lord for this peace!!!

Addy Says

Her word for tiara is “tanana”  and she was doing her “tanana spin” in the living room with her princess dress. (Ballerina dance)


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