The reasons why

ok, so here we go. I am new at this so bear with me. I love to write but rarely make the time for it. So I thought if maybe I thought someone somewhere in the world may run across it, it might help with the motivation factor. I think its important for me to do. A therapy session if you will. Lord knows I need it 🙂

Well, January 2010 really sucked for me and my family…as did the beginning of February really. We lost our first son shortly before birth. We have been dealing with the grief of that as well as trying to help our 2 (will be 3 in march) year old daughter deal with her grief as well. She was there for the natural childbirth of my son and has a lot of questions about the birth alone, not to mention why “baby brudder” had to go to heaven. Two weeks after that my husband’s grandfather died. My husband was extremely close to him.  Addyson (my daughter) and I loved him greatly as well. My husband got laid off a week later. To top it all off we are moving in a month and just because everything else was crazy and different we decided to throw a puppy in the mix too. We named him Diesel.

You may be asking yourself how we are pulling through it…I know I would be. Both the simple and the complicated answer are the same. God.

So there is the brief background on where we are at and have been so far this year. A couple months ago I was happy being pregnant in our little house (ok so I have wanted to move for a while but I appreciated it) and daily routine. Now I long for some sense of normalness. We have no routine and only dreams and aspirations for what our future holds. 

I didn’t know really where to start with this so I thought I would start with Donavin’s (my Son’s) birth story. Enjoy.

Donavin’s Birth Story


if you want it let me know


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